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Monday, May 05, 2008

New Original Artwork now available

An eclectic mix of Original Fine Art; including Painting, Photography, Print and Sculpture. This collection brings together original pieces from many of our diverse artists ranging from Landscape to Seascape; Abstract to the Figure, you can find something to suit every taste. With brand new previously unseen pieces from Peter Wileman, President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, American artist Michael McGuire and up and coming graduates Alison Parry and sculptor Rob Good, to name just a few, Creative is honoured to be exhibiting such spectacular original artwork.

If you have found an artist whose style you really like, but not the right piece - why not have one specially commissioned?
We are happy to arrange this with any of the artists we feature and all work undertaken will be done with full consultation.

Please contact us if you wish to find a specific piece or original art or you are interested in commissions. To view our Original artwork please click this link

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Figurative Exhibition

Creative arecurrently featuring three popular figurative artists in the gallery, Fabian Perez, Al Saralis and David Cobley.

Each artist portrays the subject in their own distinctive style - Perez ooze’s Passion, Saralis withvulnerability and Cobley conveys solitude.

Perez grew up outside Buenos Aires in a turbulent world of political upheaval, where he had an unusual upbringing. His father owned a number of brothels and illegal nightclubs in Campana. It was this lifestyle that influenced Perez, being constantly exposed to beautiful women who could seduce a man “simply by lighting a cigarette”. We see these “ladies of the night” exquisitely portrayed in many of Fabian’s paintings - memories of his youth and the nightlife he observed.
Fascination with the form, structure and movement of the figure continues to be central to Al’s work. His paintings usually consist of a single figure that is stripped of any narrative reference. Recent works have included a series of images where the figure has been fragmented or left incomplete, resulting in work that is powerful, sometimes confrontational and echoes the vulnerability of the contemporary man.

“These days my work is almost entirely about the figure, and how it is affected by the light that falls on and around it. Like many others before me, I am looking for ways of creating drama, mystery and magic in my work.” And it is this drama and mystery that Cobley manages to achieve in his female portraits – conveying the sense of strong and powerful yet lonely and vulnerable women.

Darren Baker - Olympic Hopeful

One of our newest artists, successful comtemporary realist, Darren Baker has been invited to team up with Lloyds TSB in their role as majoy sponsors of the 2012 London Olympics. His work will be exhibited at The Royal Horse Show at Windsor, The Henley Regatta and Wimbledon, as well as at a range of major arts events such as the Edinburgh Festival. Darren will be showing his Olympic based artwork at the shows. In April he will be attending a huge Olympic events in London that will be attended by major Olmpic names led by Seb Coe.His aim is to be named as an offical Olympic artist.

Please click here to view Darren's work

Saturday, April 05, 2008

This week's window - Carol Gillian

This week's window sees the display of Carol Gillian's quirky animal portraits.

Carol was born in Lancashire in 1961 and studied art in Brighton. After working as an illustrator on a variety of projects she finally decided to devote herself to a career as a full time fine artist. Now based in Surrey she paints from a studio in her home and specialises in dramatic and humorous animal portraits.

Carol travels to County fairs for inspiration and often accosts dog walkers when she sees a dog that she would like to paint. Due to the nature of her work (or rather the nature of her sitters) she tends to make extensive use of photographs that she feels best capture the individual identity of the animal in question. These allow her to achieve an informal, composed painting which is both a realistic likeness and a uniquely distinctive interpretation.

Carol prefers to work in oil on canvas. Over-painting thin layers of oils she slowly builds up the image, closely cropping the actual subject to maximize its impact and presenting it against a solid background of vibrant colour. She employs the medium of oil because it adds such depth to each image, enabling her to portray the texture of an animal's coat, the shadows of its muscle tone, and especially its personality which she believes can be conveyed through the expression in its eyes.

Carol's work has been exhibited widely across the UK and Europe and she has undertaken a variety of impressive commissions for individuals and corporations. In 2006 she was awarded first prize in the prestigious DeMontfort New Artist competition.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

This Weeks Window - Danielle O'Connor Akiyama

This week sees the work of Canadian artist Danielle O'Connor Akiyama blooming in our window!

Danielle's exquiste floral images vibrate with life, energy and riotous colour. Her deceptively loose, impressionistic style disguises the intricacy of her brushwork and the stylish formality of each composition.

This world-renowned artist has exhibited to great acclaim for over 30 years, and her distinctive fusion of eastern and western artistry has led to her works being highly prized by collectors from both sides of the Pacific.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peter Wileman - President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters

Award winning artist Peter Wileman has just been elected President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Peter has been a part of the art world since leaving school in the 1960s and has been a member of the institute for many years. His powerful oil painting's are characterised by expressive, painterly techniques and demonstrate an atmospheric impact that few contemporary artists can hope to rival.

"I am delighted to be asked to take up this position. I have been the society's Vice President for several years and have seen some extraordinary work by artists of the hightest calibre. Offering this contribution to ongoing success of the society is a great honour and i feel both excited and hugely honoured."

The institution has held a prestigious place in the art world since its inception in 1882. Granted royal status in 1909 by Edward VII it has embraced many of Britain's most illustrious oil painters and it is great pride that Peter steps into the role.

To view artwork by Peter Wileman please click here

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Terry Wigley Exhibition

This Easter, Creative Art Gallery is featuring local photographer Terry Wigley and his stunning new landscape photography collection.

Terry’s work portrays the simplicity and purity of the Cotswold landscape, highlighting the impact on each scene through the change in seasons or light. Terry loves the innocence of nature and will always deliberately avoid man made structures or objects which interfere with his natural compositions.

A wide collection of framed Limited Editions will be on display from 12pm Saturday 8th March.
For more information on Terry or to view his artwork please follow this link

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Impressions of the Summer - Sherree Valentine Daines

Technically brilliant, stylistically virtuosic and endlessy observant, Sherree is a favourite with many celebrity collectors including members of the Royal Family. Famous show-buisness figures has sat for her including Joanna Lumley and Michael Parkinson, and as offical artist to the Rugby World Cup she produced some magificant commemorative portraits of Johny Wilkinson and Martin Johnson. Her recent projects have included the publication of a stunning hardback book celebrating her life and career, and participation in the TV series 'To the Manor Bowen' in which she was shown painting portraits of Jackie and Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen. Earlier this year Sherree was offically voted the UK's Leading Impressionist Artist at a red carpet event in London.

Click here to view her gorgeous new collection Impressions of the Summer